Simple Restart Day 2

This week we are doing 5 days of the most popular posts on LSL during 2013.  To go along with the restart you can grab a FREE copy of Simple Living: 30 days to less stuff and more life. I wish you a wonderful and simple 2014! From January 30, 2013 … [Continue reading]

Marinated Peanut Tempeh (7 Ingredients!)

I didn’t use to like tempeh. Now, I do, thanks to easy, fool-proof recipes like this. Look at that saucy caramelization! Oof. Any of you tempeh haters out there, prepare to be converted. This recipe requires just 7 ingredients to make and … [Continue reading]

Earn Extra Income With Your Smartphone Camera

You no longer need to carry around a digital camera to capture in-the-moment photos. Today's smartphones feature fantastic cameras with surprising quality and clarity. For example, the latest iPhone 7 boasts a groundbreaking new camera, including the … [Continue reading]

Invite Delight

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Evelyn Rennich of Smallish Blog. How much delight do you experience in life? Do you feel real, soul-quivering delight on a daily basis? If the answer is “no,” it is possible that your delight is buried under … [Continue reading]

Turn Down the Volume

By Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus · Follow: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramWith all the technological advances of the past few decades, we’ve become more efficient than ever. But, of course, with every discrete bit of input … [Continue reading]

Sea Change Program: Change Your Life in 2017

By Leo Babauta I believe the freshness of this year brings a renewed energy for changing our lives. I believe 2017 can be great for all of us, with a bit of focus and effort. So I’ve created a revised Sea Change Program that’s geared to … [Continue reading]

Blissed-Out Thai Salad with Peanut Tempeh

Sometimes a salad can change your life. Might I suggest this is one of them? If you’re a salad hater or think they’re for rabbits, meet my Blissed-Out Thai Salad with Peanut Tempeh. It’s saucy and vegetable-packed. Plus, it has … [Continue reading]

8 World Currencies That Took a Hit in 2016

It's been a tough stretch recently for global currencies. Economic uncertainty, political shake-ups, and other world events have sent the value of currencies down sharply over the past year in many countries. Moreover, the decision of some nations to … [Continue reading]

7 Perks of a Minimalist Wardrobe

Since dressing with 33 items or less every 3 months (including clothes, jewelry, accessories, and shoes) for more than 6 years, I’ve experienced quite a few unexpected perks. I didn’t know what to expect in 2010 when I created minimalist … [Continue reading]

Rebooting the Blog

Hello! Long time no see! It’s been an intense fourteen months since I last posted here. The time away enabled me to concentrate on writing fiction and there are now four books in my Charlotte Anthony mystery series. But it is time for me to … [Continue reading]

minimalism with kids

I’ve often been asked, “How can you be a minimalist with six kids? I only have two kids, help me!” It can be pretty hilarious calling yourself a minimalist when you have six kids … but 1) I didn’t become minimalist until … [Continue reading]

Unsubscribe from the rat race with Paul Jarvis – The Slow Home Summer Series

WELCOME TO THE SLOW HOME SUMMER SERIES! BEN AND I ARE TAKING A BREAK OVER JANUARY, SO WE’RE WE REVISITING SOME OF THE BEST EPISODES OF 2016. I’ve been reading Paul Jarvis’ Sunday Dispatches and listening to his Invisible Office Hours podcast … [Continue reading]

8 Simple Strategies For When You’re Struggling to Declutter

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Claire Wilde of Want Less. Embracing simplicity: the idea just sounds so good, doesn’t it? Can’t you just feel those tense shoulders loosening at the thought? So many people feel overwhelmed, overworked, … [Continue reading]

Podcast 052 | Stress

By Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus · Follow: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramIn this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua & Ryan talk about how they handle stress, tension, and anxiety, and they answer the following … [Continue reading]

How to Cultivate a Year of Mindfulness

By Leo Babauta In 2016, I practiced mindfulness more than I ever have before, after 10 years of sporadic practice. I meditated regularly, practiced with a local Zen group, did a great one-day sitting, went on a retreat, took courses, read books, … [Continue reading]

No-Bake PB & J Energy Bites

We’re 7 days into the new year. How’s it going so far? I don’t know if you made any resolutions, but perhaps these wholesome, easy-to-make energy bites can help you stick with any healthy eating-related goals. They’re packed … [Continue reading]

11 Smart Ways to Maximize Desk Space

A few years ago, I had a large office with a big desk at work and my home office was a 500 square foot unfinished basement with six tables set up to make a very large desk area. Fast forward to today, and my workspace has been reduced to a small … [Continue reading]

I Don’t Know What’s Best for You

There have been many times in my life when I trusted other people to know what’s best for me. I’ve trusted doctors, teachers, coaches, friends, authors and bloggers. At some point, if what they thought was best for me wasn’t, I’d be disappointed. And … [Continue reading]

The Joy of Less Journal Giveaway at Cohesive Home

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that Kate and Melissa over at Cohesive Home are giving away 2 copies of The Joy of Less Journal (Clear Your Inner Clutter)! They’ve reviewed it in their latest podcast. Have a listen, and see if … [Continue reading]

When you die…

When you die, your family isn’t going to remember how many books you wrote or how many records you made or how many rental properties you…Continue reading on Brooklyn To Mars » Article by Brooklyn To Mars - Medium. Read entire story … [Continue reading]

How to get back on the slow living wagon

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the…month. It’s hostful pogpast time! (As an aside, I really love that we’ve developed a weird show language over the past couple of years, but sometimes wonder what people who are new to the podcast might think … [Continue reading]

How to Start a Successful Blog in 2017

By Joshua Fields Millburn · Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+Follow the step-by-step instructions to learn how you can begin starting a blog in less than an hour. We used this process to create our successful blog, which now has … [Continue reading]

Simple Restart Day 3

Image:Gualberto107 This week we are doing 5 days of the most popular posts on LSL during 2013.  To go along with the restart you can grab a FREE copy of Simple Living: 30 days to less stuff and more life. I wish you a wonderful … [Continue reading]

A thing a day ~ Days 3 & 4

The item for day three is a batch of cleaning rags etc, from my laundry, that don’t perform very well. What use is a cleaning rag the doesn’t leave you with a perfect finish. So these are going in the bin. I’d donate them but that … [Continue reading]

Roasted Vegetable & Quinoa Harvest Bowls

Who’s ready for another simple, delicious entrée recipe?! Please say yes, because this 30-minute Harvest Bowl is calling your name. I’ve called these “Harvest Bowls” because they’re vegetable-packed and the colors remind … [Continue reading]